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One Hope United's Hope Talks


Hope Talks are monthly conversations with leaders in the child and family welfare sector, hosted by One Hope United's President & CEO, Charles A. Montorio-Archer.

Campaign Components:


  • Monthly episodes (8min-20min)​​

  • Email subscription list

  • Social posts (and partner stewardship)​

  • Blog post (OHU website)

  • Integration into Google Grants

Story and Purpose

What's the story?


  • Different specific story each month, but the through-line is:

    • OHU is at the forefront of the child welfare space, leading the conversation on how to improve the lives of those we serve.​​

    • By having these conversations, we hope to inspire actionable change and work together to improve outcomes for the children and families we serve. 

What's the purpose?


  • Three main purposes:

    • Educating audiences/building credibility​

    • Stewarding partnerships

    • Expanding audiences

      • Content marketing​

      • Grassroots partnerships with organizations on each episode

Purpose and Story


1. Request from CEO to have a platform for his thought leadership

2. Marketing plan (how to make the idea strategic for us)

3. Implementation and content creation

4.Normalizing team roles

5. Tracking metrics for success

1. Request from the CEO to have a platform for his thought leadership

The Request:


  • The CEO requests a platform to share thought leadership in the child welfare space

  • Specifically, he has his mind made up on a video format for this content

The Challenge:


  • How do we make content that might not be broadly appealing to a large audience a beneficial tool for the organization that is worth our staff time?

Request from CEO

2. Marketing plan

Marketing Plan

How do we make this idea strategically advance our brand and marketing interests?


  • Before we decided to move forward, I created a marketing strategy that outlines:

    • Purpose​

    • Similar work

    • Distribution channels

    • Audiences & marketing channels

    • Metrics that will determine success

    • Monthly production process

    • Key considerations

  • Specific keys to success​​:

    • Expanding purpose beyond views/engagements​

    • Emphasizing partner relationships throughout the process

    • Making monthly conversation topics tied to high value search terms to integrate a content marketing approach

The complete marketing strategy can be viewed below:

Window not loading correctly?

Click the icon below to download the marketing strategy found in the window to the left.

(Above) The original Hope Talks marketing strategy. Navigate the window as you would a word document to view.

3. Implementation and content creation

Implementation and content creaton

Guest and Theme Planning:


  • We created a potential guest list and reviewed their organization for potential stories

  • Using the organization's content calendar, we matched potential guests with times they would fit into our overall messaging

  • A year long schedule was created, but recording could be condensed into a two month span

Collateral Created:

  • Email sign-up form

  • Monthly email design

  • Social graphics

  • Blog post design

  • Intro sequence

  • Episode creation

(Above) Social media graphics used on Instagram to promote each month's Hope Talks episode.

Click the arrows to scroll through the images.

Distribution Channels:

  • Social media

    • Key audiences reached​: community members, political community, partnering organizations

  • YouTube

    • Key audiences reached​: community members​

  • OHU website (blog)

    • ​Key audiences reached​: community members, new search traffic

  • Email blast

    • Key audiences reached​: community members, political community, partnering organizations​

(Above) June 2021 Hope Talks episode on the One Hope United blog ( ). Note: the page is responsive and the layout will change based on your screen size. For the best experience, visit the blog here.

4. Normalizing team roles

My role in planning/launching Hope Talks:


  • Brainstorming with the MarComm team

  • Independently creating our marketing strategy plan (see above)

  • Designing the look and Hope Talks brand

  • Creating Hope Talks social media templates

  • Planning integration of Hope Talks into our social and content calendar

  • Designing the monthly Hope Talks email

  • Creating the Hope Talks email sign-up

  • Creating Hope Talks blog post templates

My role in producing Hope Talks each month:


  • Managing the Hope Talks email sign-up list

  • Editing each month's Hope Talks episode

  • Posting each episode to the YouTube channel

  • Creating each month's Hope Talks blog post

  • Creating Hope Talks social media graphics

  • Tracking and reporting key Hope Talks metrics

4. Normalizing Team Roles

5. Tracking metrics for success

Each month the following metrics are recorded in the organizational marketing tracker:​​​

  • Social (Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter)

    • Reach​

    • Impressions

    • Engagement

  • YouTube

    • Views​

    • Unique Views

    • Ave. play time

    • Impressions

    • Impression click through rate

  • Website (Google Analytics data)

    • New Hope Talks registrations​

    • Pageviews

    • Unique pageviews

    • Ave. time on page

    • Bounce rate​

  • User acquisition (Google Analytics data)

    • Organic search traffic source (%)

    • Social traffic source (%)​

    • Direct traffic source (%)

    • Referral traffic source (%)

  • Partnership Metrics

    • Number of pageviews from partner referral source

    • Partner social posts

    • Partner newsletter shares

    • Partner emails deployed

  • Email Metrics

    • Open rate (%)​

    • Click rate (%)

    • Unsubscribes

5. Tracking metrics for success
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